A company is only as strong as its personnel. Boone DeLeon is structured to maximize every employee's talents and expertise.

Leo De Leon, President has been with the Firm since 1979, where he supervises conceptualization, production and placement of the Agency's print, broadcast, publicity and promotional output. If he is not in the office running the Agency, he is traveling the country judging creative competitions or serving as a panelist for seminars on marketing, retailing, multicultural marketing and advertising. The staff at Boone DeLeon is a unique team. Along with standard disciplines of advertising and marketing, our staff has a variety of experience in:

  • Brand Management
  • Market Research
  • Media Promotions
  • Retail Overlays
  • Sports Marketing

Boone DeLeon selects its talented individuals not only for their capabilities, but also for their ability to work as a team. Teamwork creates a desirable working environment at our Firm, prompting timely and accurate communication, which eliminates inefficiencies. This also benefits our clients by allowing several specialists to have direct input into strategic planning.