Agency Background & History

Boone Advertising, Inc. was founded in 1947 as an innovative agency with strong marketing orientation.  Our business services have expanded into all sectors of marketing including advertising, public relations, promotions, sales, distribution, retail overlays, event and sports marketing, and retail merchandising.  In 1986, the company's name changed from Boone Advertising to Boone DeLeon Communications, Inc. to more accurately reflect the Agency's diversification into Total Integrated Marketing services.  The agency's client list includes local, regional and national businesses. 

Throughout our long history, we have provided all disciplines of marketing communications for our trusted clients. 

1947 Agency Founded with an emphasis on Consumer Accounts.
1950s Specialization in Petrochemical Accounts.
1960s Launched Specialization in Financial Accounts.
1970s Added Specialization in High Tech / Telephony Accounts.
1980s Integrated Hispanic and ultimately, Multicultural Marketing.
1990s Added Advocacy Marketing – Emphasized Public Service.
2000s Agency growth continues in the General Market trending toward Public Relations activities and Multicultural Marketing.