Advertising is an Art. Media is a Science.

At Boone DeLeon, the art and science of communication merge into a total package tailored to the Client.   Boone DeLeon considers media just as important as our award-winning creative effort. We create a synergy between the creative execution and the media placement.

That's why Boone DeLeon views the assignment as a total package. Clients want their media budgets spent more strategically and efficiently and our agency's clout and expertise negotiate the best deals to assemble a schedule that delivers results.

At Boone DeLeon media buying is just as important as our creative effort. We don't just buy media -- Our client list gives us leverage, which enhances our negotiation power. For instance, we characteristically negotiate a 10 –30% discount off listed rates. This means that our client pays the lowest rates plus, gets more “bang for the buck” with added value merchandising.