BDLC's approach to translations is professional and accurate in word and spirit. Whether the task to convert the language is a radio commercial, a television spot, a web site, a brochure, a print ad or a billboard, we strive to accurately reflect the meaning of the message. We know that thoughts can be expressed with different words in any language. Our thinking is to be sure that the translated message is legally correct to meet laws and regulations and also to make sure your material maintains a consistent voice and message.

When the translation is a marketing piece, our agency uses the proper words to motivate the message, just as you would do in English. We do not think of translations as merely converting words from one language to another; but, rather understanding what is being said, and then, conveying that same thought in the appropriate words in Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese. When it comes to translations it is not enough to substitute one language for another. We are sensitive to the nuances of the culture and all the creative elements: copy, colors, photographs, music, voices, gender and ethnic mix suitable to your audience.